Final SEED4NA Conference in Rabat (Morocco)

On Monday 8th of January 2024 the Final SEED4NA Conference was held at the Grand Amphi of IAV Hassan 2 in Rabat (Morocco). The event brought together more than 100 participants, who attended several sessions in which the SEED4NA members presented the results and outputs of the project and key stakeholders of the geospatial domain in North Africa shared their views about the impact and importance of the project, on teaching and training about SDI and EO in North Africa. Among the participants were teachers, reseachers, students and practitioners active in the field of GI, SDI and EO. 

In the first session of the conference, the participants were welcomed by key representatives from IAV Hassan 2, including prof. Hicham Hajji, the local coordinator of the SEED4NA project and prof. Lamiae Ghaouti, the Deputy Director of the Department of Cooperation, Partnership and Development. Also Glenn Vancauwenberghe, coordinator of SEED4NA, and dr. Latifa Daadaoui, coordinator of the National Erasmus+ Office of Morocco, gave a brief welcome speech.  

In the next session, there were some keynote presentations by the SEED4NA members Lucas de Oto (University of Twente) and prof. Željko Bačić (University of Zagreb)and by local experts dr. Hicham Alaoui Mharzi (National Agency for Water and Forests, Morocco) and prof. Moha El-Ayachi (IAV, Coordinator of NELGA).

In the third session of the conference, representatives from different SEED4NA partners shared their views and experiences about the impact of the SEED4NA, on their own work and on teaching, learning and doing research about SDI and EO at their institution. Both young and experienced teachers and researchers were given the opportunity to share their views with the audience.

The conference ended with some key reflections about the impact of the project and how to sustain the project and its impact by  national expert Dr Mohamed Timoulali.

For the participants, the Final SEED4NA Conference was a great opportunity to hear about the results achieved throughout the project and provide input about how to further sustain these.