Zagreb SEED4NA Team visits Fayoum University

On behalf of SEED4NA Project and on Monday 20th March 2023, Zagreb SEED4NA-Team visited Fayoum University to get a close vision of the University and the available SDI/GIS infrastructure, as well as a physical visit to the GIS-Lab funded by the SEED4NA project. The Fayoum University is one of the most recognized educational institutions in Egypt. It includes 21 faculties and institutions, more than 3800 undergraduate students, 4250 postgraduate students, 2780 academic staff, and 3680 administrative staff. Fayoum University participates in various international projects in different disciplines, i.e., physics, biotechnology, and geoscience.

Zagreb University team consists of Prof. Željko Bačić, Prof. Vesna Poslončec-Petrić, Iva Ciblić MSc., and Mrs Lidija Domitrović Bačić. The visit started with a short visit to Prof. Mahmoud Ali Abdelfattah, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and the PI of the project from Fayoum University, who welcomed the visitors and hold a brief discussion about the current situation and the progress of the project. Prof. Željko discussed number of issues related to the project including the completed, current and remaining activities, i.e., teaching progress of the upgraded courses, LLL training. In addition to the dissemination and documentation of the activities.

Meeting with prof. Yasser Hatata, President of Fayoum University
and Prof. Arafa Sabry Hassan, Vice President for Postgraduate Studies,
Research and Cultural Relations

The group then started a walking tour in Fayoum University Campus. A recognizable meeting with Prof. Yasser Hatata, President of Fayoum University took place in the President’s Office, in presence of Prof. Arafa Sabry Hassan, Vice President for Postgraduate Studies, Research and Cultural Relations, Prof. Mahmoud Ali Abdelfattah, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, and Dr. Ali Gaber Mohamed, Associate Professor at Soils and Water Department, Faculty of Agriculture and project member.

During the meeting, Prof. Hatata discussed with the project team what has been implemented, as well as possible future cooperation between Fayoum University and the European Union in the field of scientific research, and also the possibility of issuing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Fayoum University and the University of Zagreb, Croatia. Prof. Dr. Arafa Sabry explained that the “Spatial Data Infrastructure” project is funded by the European Union, and its implementation began in January 2020 and is scheduled to be completed in January 2024.

Zagreb SEED4NA Team visits Fayoum University

Prof. Mahmoud Abdelfattah presented the latest developments in the upgrade process of the targeted courses within the project, including remote sensing and geographic information systems courses at Fayoum University in cooperation with the International Institute for Geosciences in The Netherlands, the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium (KU Leuven), ITC the Netherlands, and the University of Zagreb in Croatia. Afterwards, the team visited the laboratories of the Faculty of Science, the Nematology and Biotechnology laboratories at Faculty of Agriculture, as well as the GIS- laboratory, which was equipped with full funding from the project.

SEED4NA GIS Lab at Fayum University

Getting the chance of being in Fayoum, a social activity started in the afternoon to visit Lake Qarun protected area, northern Fayoum, and one of the largest natural saline lakes in the world. Also, a visit was performed to Tunis Village, one of the natural green sight-seeing areas in Fayoum and Egypt where discussion continued in relaxed atmosphere of this wonderful resort.

This project has received funding from the Erasmus + capacity building in higher education under projec reference number 610328-EPP-1 -2019-1-BE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP

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