SEED4NA provided intensive training to teachers at the partner universities and other institutions in North Africa. This was done via a multi-stage training program, consisting of both online and in person trainings, covering different aspects of SDI/EO and how to teach about them. In total, more than 50 teachers participated in the SEED4NA train-the-teacher actions.

Virtual SEED4NA Summer School (2021)

The Virtual SEED4NA Summer School consisted of four sessions covering different topics related to SDI/EO education and practice. The main objective of these courses was the transfer of knowledge in the field of SDI/EO with the aim to introduce relevant topics – from basic to in-depth views, inform about latest developments, and share experiences in teaching.

Session 1 – SDI Basics & Education

  1. Introduction to SDI and the European INSPIRE approach (Andreas Wytzisk-Arens, HSBO)
  2. Importance of SDI and its multidisciplinarity (Anders Ostman, Novogit)
  3. SDI in academic education – a sample case (Joep Crompvoets, KU Leuven)
  4. SDI curriculum developed by BESTSDI project (Željko Bačić, UNIZG)


Session 2 – EO Basics & Education

  1. Introduction to Earth Observation – An Overview (Lucas de Oto, University of Twente)
  2. Earth observation and its role for application domains beyond “geo” – A food security case (Lucas de Oto, UT)
  3. From images to maps and objects (classification and object detection basics) (Andrija Krtalić, UNIZG)
  4. Earth Observation in academic education – a sample case (Ansgar Greiwe, HSBO)


Session 3 – Curriculum design – from concepts to detailed descriptions

  1. EO4GEO Today of Knowledge – concept, establishment of BoK other tools (Danny Vandenbrouke, KU Leuven)
  2. CDTool – How to create a curriculum? (Marijan Grgić, UNIZG)


Session 4 – Curriculum implementation – from descriptions to courses

  1. Designing education: the ADDIE approach (Lucas de Oto, University of Twente) 
  2. Constructive alignment: theory and example (Glenn Vancauwenberghe, KU Leuven)
  3. Innovative approaches to teaching GI: an application sample (Lucas de Oto, University of Twente) 
  4. Blended course design: the case of SDI governance (Glenn Vancauwenberghe, KU Leuven)

Online Technical Trainings (2021-2022)

SEED4NA organised a series of online Technical Trainings covering Earth Observation/Remote Sensing, Spatial Data Infrastructure, GIS, Long-Life Learning, modern concepts in academic teaching and interdisciplinary topics. Five technical trainings were organized, each consisting of three online training sessions. 

Technical Training 1 – Basics of Earth Observation and Remote Sensing

  1. Earth Observation and Remote Sensing, electromagnetic spectrum (Part 1 & Part 2)(Andrija Krtalić, UNIZG)
  2. Sensors and Platforms in Remote Sensing (Andrija Krtalić, UNIZG)
  3. Pre-processing and processing of Remote Sensing Images, Application of Remote Sensing Methods, way of teaching Earth Observation and Remote Sensing basic course (Andrija Krtalić, UNIZG)


Technical Training 2 – Basics of Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI)

  1. SDI Standards (Carsten Kessler, HSBO); Web Services (Carsten Kessler, HSBO); & Governance for a smart world (Joep Crompvoets, KU Leuven)
  2. Metadata and portals (Marc Olijslagers, KU Leuven); SDI Assessment (Glenn Vancauwenberghe, KU Leuven)& Business and funding models (Glenn Vancauwenberghe, KU Leuven)
  3. Data models and specifications (Danny Vandenbroucke, KU Leuven); SDI Usage (Anders Ostman, Novogit) & Network perspective on SDI (Glenn Vancauwenberghe, KU Leuven)


Technical Training 3 – Lifelong learning (LLL) through high-quality teaching

  1. Bologna Process for Curriculum Development: Course Descriptors, Learning Outcomes and ECTS (Ana Kuveždić-Divjak – UNIZG); Bologna declaration and European Higher Education Area – challenges of higher education in 21st century (Željko Bačić – UNIZG) & Quality assurance in university education (Anders Östman – NOVOGIT)
  2. North Africa partner countries educational system (NA partners) &  Discussion
  3. CRTEAN LLL approach, business model and results – what and how can be implemented at partner universities (CRTEAN); LLL training example (CRTEAN, and  Business-Academia cooperation in education – example GEOBIZ project (Vesna Poslončec-Petrić and Željko Bačić – UNIZG)


Technical Training 4 – Fundamentals of Geospatial Information in SDI: overview and teaching approaches

  1. Session 1 (Lucas de Oto & Rolf de By, University of Twente): Introduction and types of spatial data – Modelling in the context of geospatial information – A content overview – Teaching approaches
  2. Session 2 (Lucas de Oto & Rolf de By, University of Twente: Geospatial Data ManagementSpatial data storage and manipulation, raster and vector modelsTeaching approaches
  3. Session 3 (Lucas de Oto & Rolf de By, University of Twente: Spatial data analysisGeospatial workflows and information productsTeaching Approaches


Technical Training 5 – Curriculum developement: Approaches and application areas

SEED4NA Summer School (2022)

The goal of the second SEED4NA Summer School was to provide more advanced training on SDI, EO and related topics and to support the teachers from the partner organisations with the design and development of their own SDI/EO courses, which will be implemented in the context of SEED4NA.The Summer School was organized from May 9-13, 2022, at the University of Zagreb Centre for Advanced Academic Studies (CAAS) in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The Summer School was structured around four main topics, which were covered by the EU partners from SEED4NA. In between of these sessions, the experts actively collaborated with the teachers from the North African partners on the design of their own courses, in terms of learning objectives, teaching practices, teaching materials and assessment approaches.

Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Day 4


Day 5

National Training Algeria (2022)

In October 2022, the SEED4NA project developed and implemented a training programme targetting the specific needs of the Algerian partners of the consortium, and especially the University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene (USTHB) The training programme, which focused on topics related to space geodesy, cartographic synthesis, GIS & data analysis and remote sensing, was developed and implemented by the team from the University of Zagreb.

Course: Space Geodesy & Cartographic Synthesis


Course:  GIS & data analysis


Course: Remote Sensing, Remote Sensing & GIS

Other training actions

In addition to the main training events and actions implemented during the project, SEED4NA also offered several smaller trainings, on various topics related to GI, SDI and EO.

Workshop on Earth Observation and Geospatial Information (Oran, 2023)
Training sessions at University of Twente – ITC (Enschede, 2023)
  • CRIB – Big Geo Data processing platform (University of Twente)
  • Teaching materials for SDI(University of Twente)

 Training sessions at Ibn Zohr University  (Agadir, 2022)

  • Noise Mapping  (Vesna Poslončec-Petrić, UNIZG) 
  • Drones to support the monitoring of citrus trees (Adnane Labacci, Ibn Zohr University)